Brownies Cookbook Brainstorm

Making brownies is one of my favorite things to do. I've made the same recipe so many times and have, in my opinion, perfected it. One evening, I got the idea to make a cookbook just about brownies. But, how do you fill a cookbook with brownie recipes?

What follows is a 20-minute brainstorm of recipes that I'd like to develop to include in the book. Clearly, some of these would end up tasting far more horrible than I'm imagining, but that's half the fun.

You are, of course, free to use this list for your own creative purposes.

  1. Melted chocolate infused with balsamic, re hardened and used as chips. 
  2. White chocolate and dark chocolate checkers.  
  3. Curry, cumin, cardamom, etc.  
  4. Chai Latte 
  5. Honey cake / brownie mix 
  6. Marzipan Grid 
  7. Lamb bacon with liquid smoke 
  8. Whole strawberry in each brownie
  9. Melted snickers, babe Ruth, etc bars instead of fine chocolate 
  10. Caramelized miso, salt and butter swirl 
  11. Deconstructed snickers
  12. Sriracha or other hotness 
  13. Citrus or lavender extracts and lots of zest 
  14. Buttermilk or goat yogurt 
  15. Rice pudding or chia pudding Inside brownies 
  16. Whole (or half) black peppercorns in the brownies , with creme-anglaise au poivre sauce.  
  17. Ground up brownies with béchamel type sauce made with cocoa instead of flower.
  18. Bread pudding with brownies but the custard is flavored with citrus or cereal milk.  
  19. Sesame zaatar halvah 
  20. Rose water 
  21. Date molasses
  22. Tamarind molasses   
  23. Wasabi ginger (or brownie served as nigiri) 
  24. Brownie maki
  25. Brown butter 
  26. Rice crispy treats inside brownies or vice versa.  
  27. S’mores 
  28. Oreo cream 
  29. Brownie Whoopie pie
  30. Brownie macarons 
  31. Brownie tea sandwiches
  32. Mole brownie with avocado lime honey 
  33. Pad Thai brownie. 
  34. Jalapeño 
  35. Melted jolly ranchers as sugar

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