EMAIL me It's the quickest and easiest way to get ahold of me: naf [at]

VISIT me I'd love to meet you for coffee. Email me if you're in Boston and we can meet!

I'll definitely respond to...

- Requests from the media to comment on anything having to do with corporate culture, employee happiness, corporate responsibility or the intersection of business and consciousness/peace.
- Any genuine inquiries about coaching, consulting, speaking or interesting collaborations that help create a more joyous, peaceful world.
- A reqeust to be on the podcast, provided you have something to share that relates to peace!

I'll probably respond to...

- Comments or questions about just about anything on this site, including comments that strongly disagree with my point of view, as long as you keep it civil.
- Need help crafting a menu for a party or figuring out a recipe? Ask.
- Want a quick photo critique or tip? Fire away.
- Want some encouragement for your creative or technical project? That's free too.