I invite you to join me
co-creating joy 
in every moment
along the wacky ride of a journey
we call life.

An abstract love. A causeless joy.
And a peace beyond human understanding.

About this Site

It's is about co-creation: I hope inspires you to see or do something new. I hope you get lost in the randomness of it all and come away with a bit more joy.

There's some "serious" and some fluffy writing, lots of photography, recipes, and other things that bring me joy that I want to share with you.

Please just have fun and please share any thoughts or questions.


About Me

I've explored the world through the lens of many careers, travel expeditions, relationships and creative projects and have managed to squeeze quite a bit of joy out of this life.

And now, while I still have a lot going on, I'm trying to see myself more of a "human being" than a "human doing."

These are things I do cultivate joy. And I'd love to co-create with you!