I invite you to join me
co-creating joy 
in every moment
along the wacky ride of a journey
we call life.

An abstract love. A causeless joy.
And a peace beyond human understanding.

About Me

I've explored the world through the lens of many careers, travel expeditions, relationships and creative projects and have managed to squeeze quite a bit of joy out of this life.

And now, while I still have a lot going on, I'm trying to see myself more of a "human being" than a "human doing."


Navigating this Site

This site is about co-creating. I hope you're inspired to see or do something new. It's definitely not a portfolio.

Just as life is very non-linear, on this site, things relate to each other in non-obvious ways.  You can get lost easily, in a fun way.

There's some "serious" writing. There's lots of photography.  There's some fluff.

Please just have fun.  And please share whatever thougths you have with me.