What If (Worst Case Scenarios)

In 2013, shortly after getting divorced, I realized that I could be okay no matter what happened. So, I made this list.

What if...

  • someone threw away your computer, and iPad and phone and camera…
  • everything you ever worked on — all your emails, photos, documents, files, projects, and ideas — disappeared
  • all your books, self-help CDs, and music, went up in smoke
  • you never listened to any bit of advice that anyone, including those you really respect, had ever given you
  • you never did what you perceive that others think you should do
  • you didn't save the world
  • you never traveled to an exotic location again or even outside the country again
  • you never published a book or gave a Ted talk or "impressed " anyone
  • you never became a professional photographer, or artist or coach
  • all of your "friends" became disappointed in you or thought you were making bad decisions, even to the point where they walked away
  • you never got into good shape
  • you never learned how to not be a fast-and-dirty programmer
  • you never "fix" another single person
  • you don't get re-married and/or have children
  • society always viewed you a not quire making it because you still live with roommates, etc
  • you don't convince the world whats right
  • you never completely understand the past
  • you don't own a corporation
  • you are the black sheep
  • people think you are a criminal
  • someone finds this list
  • your dreams don't come true and your fears do
  • you blow a ton of money on yourself instead of giving it away
  • your peers think you're  not as smart as you think you are or as they previously thought you were
  • you got arrested for something you didn't do for for that matter something you did do or unintentionally did
  • you had everything but lost it all
  • you started another business with all your new knowledge, that still failed
  • despite your best efforts to be fashionable and hygienic, you are neither
  • you never fully reconcile your childhood
  • your parents never really get you
  • karma doesn't exist
  • republicans are right
  • you are never able to reconcile with your ex-wife or past friends or girlfriends you may have wronged, whether or not intentionally
  • you're not as smart or nice as you think you are 


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